VN Smiles volunteers form the backbone of our organisation. Being a volunteer has many challenges and offers many rewards. It calls on you to make a personal contribution of time and money which touches lives.

On our annual dental mission, we work out of makeshift dental clinics at sites that vary from remote villages to busy cities, and so this is guaranteed to be an experience different to what you are used to.

Roles you will undertake on a mission will generally include:

  • Triage– organizing and registering the children, keeping them calm and in an orderly manner, and sending them to the right dentist

  • Dentist - treating the patients

  • Dental nurse – assisting the dentist in treating the patient ie suctioning, retrieving and passing the appropriate instruments and materials required for the treatment

  • Post-operative – giving clear and precise instructions to the patient on how to look after the area that was treated

  • Sterilisation – disinfection and reprocessing infected instruments

  • Instrument management – dealing with dental materials and instruments only

  • Support - setup and pack up, dealing with technical issues and general assistant where required

The work will require you to be prepared to see blood, stand for long periods of time and calm anxious patients. However, the experience is unbeatable.

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