About VN Smiles


VN Smiles Organisation is a non-profit organisation formed in 2012. The primary aim of the organisation is to provide free dental care to under privileged children in poor regions across Vietnam. The organisation is built on volunteers from all walks of life donating their time, sweat and tears to benefit children far less fortunate then themselves. The organisation brings together volunteers from across Australia and abroad to help provide hope and literally bring the "smiles" back to the faces of the children.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a world class dental service to the under privileged children and create a place where patients can have all their dental needs taken care of with our comprehensive care. We hold our values of quality service, care, trust and patient comfort above all.


Fun and Lifetime Experience

Mission trips undertaken by the organisation are not just all about work. It also involves a host of group fun activities to enrichen the experience of volunteers who have donated their time and money to be involved. Each mission trip is well planned including hotel accommodation, dining and fun activities in between the charity work program. Other experiences gained from the trip will not only enrich your memories but also makes you appreciate your own life. These activities include things such as: - visiting remote parts of Vietnam (which in your normal travel you will never get to see) -

Participate in community projects such as school rennovations, visit rural communities, donations to other charities such as orphanages, blind society and so much more. - You will also travel through unique places which only your camera can act as proof for the amazing experience you will gain from travelling there.

Work is only a part of the experience in volunteering. Check out the photos section and you will see why! If you are interested in volunteering please drop us an enquiry email. You don't need any qualification to be involved, just a sense of adventure and a golden egg for a heart!